We spent the entire weekend at home, planning stuff, watching movies and working together. Bandagesloveblood had a little problem with her hosting, but we fixed yesterday early… her website will be online asap. Please, Don’t destroy the city.
, interior design company asked me for their new website and rebranding. I’m excited. They are close people and i love to do this kind of stuff. They can change your house with a clap and they are really really professionals with small places. Take a while and visit their old website and info….

Sketching till 2 am

By the other hand… Marcela Mansergas new image is running out quite well. We are finishing details, and soon will be online!. Patience!!! it’s a fine and very specific work. She showed me her new collection, it’s amazing!! i can’t wait to finish the aplications and image.
This week will be impossible be part of the production team of watdafac gallery, Jose Punzón exhibition start this thursday. Go there and watch magic! . i’m very busy because we have a travel this weekend. We’ll be in Miami, Orlando, in a RAD ROADTRIP to finish in Gainesville, again, to going to THEFEST, again!!! we’re very happy because we gonna see two million bands, we have a lot of friends there, and it will be really intense and funny! Take care and smile!

Everybody here knows “Gainsssvillispesssssialll” dedicated to mDonada

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