…and this is the last!

Yeah buddy! I have sold yesterday one of the last two copies of sonrie siempre silkscreened poster. If you wanna be the great afortunate, and also the last to receive my last poster, send me an email and get the piece… Don’t be tatty and help your room to increase happiness.

Today, Lolo and me were involved in a kind of freaky travel to get part of his stuff, forgotten it in a big warehouse close than mordor, and closer than Arroyomolinos, where FernanGssh is local. We just went there to get some boxes of pictures, paints and comics of lolo and come back to the city but the surprise came when a “spacial-pseudo-asshole-motherfucker-freak-tunning” man parked his car. The guy started to talk with lolo about the boxes and he forced to put all the boxes in our car. A lot of boxes, two toms, million of lolo’s paintings, the world’s heaviest mattress, a kitchen blender and i don’t know what else. what a mess. That guy like a Russian mobster smiling and calling his familly and friends. But we did it. We made the best Tetris ever did in a car and  later we got the award. We were as two hours watching our flyers and photos from many years ago. Old times and fun. Enjoy this day as we do.
Apologies for my letters and errors, i’m tired y prefiria estar escribiendo esto en español.! y Olé!

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