Baby It’s Cold Outside

It’s Cold Outside, yeah, sure!. It’s thursday and we’re expecting 36º in Madrid … Ay que gustico oiga! . My rehab week is going well and i’m starting to hate fruits and vegetables, but it’s ok when you have been eating “tortilla, pimientos de padrón and tetilla cheese” more than a week… Galician style pal!. Anyway, i’m happy and exhausted with all the stuff that i’m compilating this days… Fraga y Fidel Sin Embargo Poster for Alcances Film Festival in Cádiz next september. Concept has not changed so much, but the result is much stronger and more professional. Bambu Producciones and me both  are very happy with the result. I’ll upload pictures of all applications as soon as I have it available.

First Promotional Poster just for internal use

Final Poster for commercial use

Type and background detail

My friend Josiño, an amazingbodyboarder and owner of BULLITT wants to change his store, not a surfing store, a concept store based in cool and fancy clothing, shoes, jeans, and a lot of great stuff. We have been talking about his brand, strategy and a lot of shitty things, and we are dealing to change everything, logo, packaging, store design, personal cards … I hope this project works fine because I love to work with people I know since I was a baby…
Here some sketches! get One!

My partner, friend, brother, twin and fabulous mDonada called me to help him (again) with some important changes and details about his gallery WATDAFAC GALLERY ( if you have not gone, I do not know what you’re waiting ) … so today I’ll be working with him, waiting for tomorrow to go to Mar Martitegui’s  fantastic, incredible, magic and super brutal pool where we’ll be relaxed on the weekend, painting, working for RUBENIMICHI’s piece and trying to change the world, again!
It’s Thursday, it’s time to go out and have some drinks?

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