Back to Life

My trip to the Basque country has been fun and crazy. I have met many people and I enjoyed a lot with my old and new friends. But  I’m back home and I have a “to do list” bigger than Ziona Chana’s shopping list. I have not new things to show, but i have a lot of work to do.

Before THE ART OF FLIGHT and STORM SURFERS. Best 3D cinema ever!

I’ve met ARZAK and we were talking about tattoos!

On the other hand Mar is  in a OYSHO’s contest, VOTE  her drawing here. Thanks Folks!
My family is in Madrid these days. “Family Bussiness”. I really want to be with them. Sometimes I miss so much not being close to my parents.
Today I started running again, to avoid getting nervous and stressed.

Mar’s piece for the contest.

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