Bali. vamooooos!

I have several days without updating. I’ve been working hard and with many problems in my head, doubts,conflicts and plans about nothing. Yesterday I couldn’t  sleep and i  woke up at 3 in the morning, so i wrote an email to my friend Alain, a Basque who spent ten years in Bali and he is still there. He also is the owner of MOONROCKS, a streetstye brand and store. If you decide go on vacation, that’s your destination and your man. They have the best house in the world to go to rest… i spent there one of my best 15 days in life. you can get waves and surfing in less than 5 mins from home, lose your head, drinking thousand bintangs or enjoying the best Basque BBQ  on an island viewed. Indo Surf Trips is happiness, forget the chaos of today and live with harmony at the sea, sky and stars. Alain and Gaizka can take you to the best spots  in the world, they can make you smile more than 600 years, feeling you like at home. So come on, buy your ticket and get in touch with them Now, if you want, you can invite me, I will not say no. Miss you!

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