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  • The Handicaps · Out Of Bounds

    The Handicaps · Out of Bounds Art Concept & Design Available End of May          

  • Some Updates!

    I’ve been so busy, tired and working on confidential stuff so i couldn’t post my stuff. Yesterday i updated my website!. Some changes are happening now in my life, and some news could be revealed soon. While you are waiting, enjoy my stuff


    Here i am, again! with a lot of information to post! but not today! i’m back of my honeymoon, and i’m really tired and exhausted with the things that i have to do! so… keep your body full of pizza! ( BSS – beluga summer style) and listen black flag! enjoy august!

  • Hierro 8

    A lot of time without posting, i’m alive! but really really busy. I think that the best word to explain what i did is just watching it! My website is updated too! Record cover for my friends THE HANDICAPS!   If you wanna listen them, they sound like 90’s loud and great here. RED MULLET Some…


    Work done! Both sides silkscreened of recycled cardboard, two chocolates , 80gr recycled paper booklet and a mug, everything closed with a sticker of a mug. No more words today!

  • Marcela Mansergas is here!

    Marcela Mansergas handtags are here! i Hope you like it. I have to work in a lot of things, so, this is a short but strong post. Meanwhile, we are designing our wedding invitations and stuff… thanks for all your support !4 silkscreened and offset handtags in a special black and cream paper. DESIGNED IN…

  • Sketching M

  • Let’s padel

    Wow! I am not an expert of the padel world, but I ‘m lucky to have a professional close to me. It’s gonna be a hard work but yesterday i had a meeting with Vision, a famous Padel brand and i have to do some proposals for their 2014 collection. Crossing my fingers and serving…

  • My Personal Teahupoo

    Yes! Hi, Hello, Hola Titis, I’m back!First of all, apologies, I have been working hard and i’m still doing it to improve myself. Teahupoo is one of the biggest and important left wave in the world…so…my post will be the biggest ever written from me. I don’t know how can I start, so i did…

  • No time for Posting!

    Working as an american soldier! One, two, one, two! Orlando te deja idiota!