Hello everybody, Hola a todo el mundo, Hatem o lo que quieras!

Yesterday was a happy and funny day! Sergie, Garban, Mar, Lolo and I were @ Watdafac gallery talking about my english. Yes! this english that you are reading right now! I know that i’m not a professional english writer, but i’m sure that you can understand that you’re reading, so that’s the point. maybe I start posting in spanish because 75 per cent of my visits are from here. whatever! As I wrote, yesterday was magic… First of all, Lolo and I were finishing his next book to the FOJO’s exhibition next month. After that, we were at Curro Jimenez rehearsal place, they sound like a truck crushing your house. Their songs are really intense and rough. I love them. You can listen them here and coming soon they will have their record AVAILABLE ( yeah! LOLO and SERGIE, this is for you!) Enjoy the weekend and keep calm, Life is short, Love is forever!

by the way, If you are in Madrid, yeah, this intense and hot Madrid, I recommend you go to the HOPPER’s exhibition @ Thyssen museum because is really really awesome!

Adios amigos, me voy a la piscina!

Curro Jimenez and mDonada dancing Muñeira

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