De Pijp

Today I woke up much better than how I slept last night. I was full of pain and ink, but today is a great day! once again i’m helping ISIUS with their new cover of their  single “De pijp”, a beautiful melody that speaks of their new life in Amsterdam, their neighborhood, etc … The song is now mastering and soon will see the light. My cousin Trinx has been at home less than 12 hours because he is going to Amsterdam to see Jose and Nuria for a few days. Moreover today we will go see the new Wes Anderson movie with popcorn such a football field and Coke as an ocean. Moreover, i’m wishing to finish each one of the projects that I have not be closed and being 100% with Paperriot as it deserves. Right now, writing about food i’m feeling starving as a Trojan horse.


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