“Fraga y Fidel, sin embargo”

Yesterday i had a meeting with my friend Manolo Fdez-Valdés. We are friends since we were kids. He is a phographer in Bambu producciones but he loves documentary films. We were talking about his wedding that will take place this summer and a lot of anecdotes of my work, his work, life, friends, books and blah blah blah. He asked me if i could design their wedding invitations… and i said “HELL YEAH”… i love making things for friends, but he also asked me if i wanna design his promotional stuff for his last documentary  Fraga y Fidel, sin embargo.

The Documentary is amazing! Tells us about the popular vision about the meeting of Fraga and Fidel in 1992 in Galicia. That extreme-non-stop-two days with the mayors of little councils, making Queimada, Fidel Father’s house in Láncara , his family, eating Octopus “to the party”… how people lived all those important moments in their lives at that time. Everything with a twist of “galician sarcasm” and an amazing footage, shooting and landscapes that you’ll be bound to visit Galicia. Hope everybody gets to watch it soon, and see the poster and promotional stuff too. The wedding stuff is just for friends and family, maybe they allow me show the invitations on my webpage. Thank you Manolo for the happiness that you gave me yesterday. I’m glad to be your friend.

“the director” sitting  in the center

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