Hello Pals!!

Hi there! yes! this is me..i’m alive and kicking! I was too busy with million things, i had one week in Galicia workimg, hanging out with friends, finally closing tshirts final art with Pure Surfing, eating good food and one-day-surfing, a cool present from “La Vieja Escuela“. Spending time with old friends is awesome, in A Coruña with Cova, Álvaro, Nono, Telmo, Coyote, Talin, Lucia and many many more,  Pontevedra having a beer time with Liceo Mutante Kids and amazing Trinx.
After that stressed days, we had to say goodbye, or “hasta pronto amigos” to our friends Isius band. They are living in Amsterdam right now, They hate weed but…they have the best house ever. Also we spent a week in NYC, visiting Molly, Massimo, Jimena, Braulio and a thousand more. Too many miles walking, shows, burgers, barcade, shots, windows, stores, blah blah blah and brand new ideas. Refreshing our brains to be ready for the new step. Was really really awesome.

Barcade has a wonderful selection of draft beer.

But not everything has been holidays and fun. I finished Fraga y Fidel Poster and Stamp that i’ll post it this week. Manolo’s wedding cards and extras are ready to print it and Cova’s are in the oven. A new experience in my life is coming and i’ll be  a university professor soon in Madrid and Barcelona ( atiende!!!). As you read, a lot of things and millions not mentioned! (por ahora) so, a thousand time that i promise update this blog, but sometimes this is hard. i’m sorry about that! i update my website soon too!
My bro’ mDonada will opening a awesomecoolestradverygüelmanuelqueteloflipasquepillatelotodo gallery soon, it’s called WATDAFAC Gallery and you should save your money and spend it there, because it’s magic!! I’ll be part of “El último verano” exhibition may 24th as well.
One more time apologies fro my english because i’m writting without thinking ( almost everyday!!) but this is me!
Have a nice day, and DON’T SPEND time yelling, Haz cosas y verás que bien!

Sometimes i’m a poser!.

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