Hello World!

A lot of time without posting. Too many projects, too many plans and too many changes these days in my life and in my work. February was a freaky month, people from C’over doing bussiness, many people visiting us and offering us works and plans. Recording songs and some great shows. What a busy month! Madrid, right now, seems like summer and tourists are wearing beach-ass-stupid-clothing.
I’m working in two wedding invitation cards simultaneously. Two different styles and concepts. Some hard work in my mind. But, they are friends , so work is much more fun!
The concept  of the documentary “Fraga y Fidel, sin embargo” is finished and today we send the first dvd covers. Rad! This is what we did.! I guess that tomorrow i’ll put it on my web and i’ll send a “massive-aggresive” advice to everyone.

On the other hand, i did my brand new personal cards. DIY style. I used a lot of office folders, patience, a print party @ Rockwear and one of my favourite stamps, a gift of my bro mDonada . This is the result…

Until today this was a resume of this month but to get a real concept you can also add: 256 veggie pizza, 8956 Beer oz, 135 Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, 651 “cañas”, some Alcatraz chapters, 8 1st Soprano’s Season chapters, Bali’s friends hang outs, one Iphone fucked up again, a weird party and show, a friend’s son been borned, love, friends and many many many projects coming soon!

Enjoy this week…Father’s day is coming too and my parents are coming to Madrid, I’m glad to meet them!

Keep watching, i’ll be here!


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