Hold Your Ground

What better way to start this post. This song is one of my favorite songs by GORILLA BISCUITS. Sometimes I feel myself like a gorilla lost in a jungle that wants to be fighting for the things he loves and always does. “It’s time to stand up, for what you believe Have no fear of your critics”. Me he quedao truiti!

It’s official, next December I will be teaching at ELISAVA school in Barcelona, starting with a 4 hour seminary about “viral advertising campaigns” and “the mixture of actions online and offline”. is a good challenge and I am proud of it. Were incredible days in Barcelona with the company of Gorka ( Now Shiiii-Shiiiii), Ekhi from Delorean and a bunch of friends enjoying the sun, the streets and the crappy Xibeca. A big hurray for them.

I love Barcelona’s  hydraulic tiles. A piece of Chee’s House.

It’s summertime and not much is going to work. I’ve been dealing Cova and Alvaro’s wedding details  (only one month left!) and starting things for the last year wedding , Molly and Alex in Los Angeles. wowwww!.

Some friends are organizing a Galician Rally in Nantes, a small town near Sanxenxo and I have helped with some graphics and a small piece of video. I hope you have luck and everything runs smoothly. I’ll be on HOLIDAYS traveling through Spain, so I’ll post less than now. My apologies for this. Resurrection Fest starts tomorrow and I decided not to go this year. There will be very little representation of Gsshers! but we are in soul … Give me Jalcoa Helmano!

Have a nice week and take care with Sharks!

Basi from Chingaste la Confianza doing BASSISHARK

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