Hot, Hot … Heat?

Yesterday afternoon between Watdafac leaks I delivered my picture “Sand” to Pajarillo. This is the moment of the deal!

In addition, this year I had no desire to asist the “Resurrection Fest” but I think I’ve lied to myself and I’ll be there another year, with a variant this year Tuchita and Basilio are coming with me. It will be fun and I can’t wait to be a gorilla with all the people fom Madrid, Galicia and sewers. Jalcoa helmano!!

Sabes que si no haces stage diving te mueres?

Although this year has been very fun and different, I have to focus on the projects that I really feel with my heart and stuff that make me fighting and move on. I am aware of many changes but i’m still waiting, and knowing me, I’m faster than a greyhound race. Madrid is extremely hot and I’m wishing go to the beach to surf a little and be quiet on my towel … Today I would like to post some things I’ve done these days but as always, are confidential until they let me.

ciao bambinos

Representing as a good Gssher! on Against Me Stage @Thefest in Gainsville. Tom Gabel is gone, we’ll see Laura Jane Grace on stage! Yiatch!

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