House of Squirrel

This weekend we’ll be recording at House of Squirrel studios, a new “arm” of the Treehauss unusual projects skeleton.
Last weekend, recording the old young teenie classic 24 i realized that i want to do that kind of thing in my freetime.
Here in madrid is hard to fin a spot to get some waves and listening galicians talking about this or that, so i decided to buy this little but crazy machine.

It’s like a star wars spaceship but wit ha lot of amps, guitars, samples, and blah blah. Also I bought a condenser microphone and a lot of gadgets to create a similiar view like a real studio. But that’s another story.

On the other hand, Isabel from Like this like starts a new project with Maxima Galaxia . She is an amigurumi master. What did you expect!
So…don’t lose your time and get a course here.

Have a nice weekend!!

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