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Yes! Hi, Hello, Hola Titis, I’m back!First of all, apologies, I have been working hard and i’m still doing it to improve myself.
Teahupoo is one of the biggest and important left wave in the world…so…my post will be the biggest ever written from me. I don’t know how can I start, so i did nine hundred million works, but i will try it.
Since my last post, i can say that i have been travelling with my homie and my fiancee from L.A to San Diego with a special day off in Palm Springs to celebrate Molly&Alex’s Wedding. Everything has been awesome and I can’t wait to repeat my PBR time in SD. I miss you guys!.

I have just finished the handtags for Marcela Mansergas and we are excited to have it at home! Textures and Papers are coolest and ecofriendly as fuck. Recycled black paper mixed with one oval-white kraft and two little handtags with the new identity. everything in a brown rope. This is part of the process…
Captura de pantalla 2013-01-21 a la(s) 00.17.48

Captura de pantalla 2013-01-21 a la(s) 00.18.18

Furthermore , the Disak studio new site is a “twist” to be online. In addition , I have also done their new complete identity. We were working for several months, but, finally, will be online soon. Thank you for helping me as a Lion, You know who you are. Cheeeers!!
I have been really really involved in Atlas Exhibition as you could read last july. And, i’m proud of the layout design of the Atlas book that i did. 100 Limited Edition hardbook cover and special finishing. I hope you like it!. We did too, a special DIY tshirt, but we did  not have time to find it a place in at the exhibition. Check it below




But this is not all friends, I’m starting to work with Bambú Producciones doing a lot of graphic stuff, events and promotional items. Their new site is around the corner, and I’ll be posting asap the entire items, because, something BIG IS COMING!!

During these days I’ ve been doing some tshirts for Ewan, a fashion cool brand with a cool crew. I hope they like it, and you can buy it…or not! I Hope they will be in the new collection and you can see it.


and furthermore,I’m working again with CET auditores with their brand identity and stuff and i have done a lot of proposals to Pescanova company to change their packaging at supermarkets…but i can’t show you ( sorry maaaaate! but this is confindential now!!)
and i’m working with SIGMA with a lot of new projects and stuff like this packaging… ( this is not real )
As you read, i’m very very busy right now, and i love it, but you have to understand my situation… I’m working with Elisava School at BCN too and trying to figure it out how i will find some time to finish the paperriot site, making my wedding invitations and getting some time to watch movies with my girlfriend! Apologies for my english and enjoy Four Loko’s
Nos vemos en el pico!

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