I don’t like cars, actually i don’t have any idea about them, but sometimes, you have to figure it out how could a car logo being fresh and pretty. This was my challenge. Vazquez Racing Team need a new logo, and I did it. VRT is a classic Rally team, 60’s inspired, vintage cars … then the new logo had to be something elegant and modern, with a vintage and retro style.

Their First and Old Logo

My first proposal

The Logo!

I can’t wait to watch this on cars.

So let’s talk about cars, and i have to say that we’re starting a new work for a wedding, hell yes! but this time we’ll have a new partner for this project, he is Rafa Romero aka Folas and the concept for this wedding is Traditional Fishing. We have to work on Sitting, Tables, Menu and some extra gadgets to make that place like a real Old Traditional Fishing place… Sounds Great!

On the other hand Bullitt store  said YES to our proposals, so, in a few days, we’ll start working with them… Oh August! I LOVE YOU.
This weekend is COVALVARO’s wedding , so i’ll post some pictures of the stuff we did next week. I have my chaqué ready, and my stomach is protected for everything. So, it’s time to work and after that, let’s do some jogging with mDonada , he’s like Carl Lewis.
Enjoy your last days of August, not April.