No mercy!

B A C K   T O    W  O  R K ! !

Here i am, in Madrid again, trying to maintain me cold but it’s an illusion!… Madrid is Hell, nobody walks in the streets, no cars just a bunch of tourist sweating like dogs. My holiday time was pretty awesome, more than a thousand miles, beach, friends, and relax. BRAVO COLEGA!

Now i’m organizing my desk and my office and filling the blank fields on my calendar. I don’t understand why, but a lot of people ask me for a lot of projects and plans on my holidays. I have to finish Covalvaro’s sitting for their wedding. Fraga y Fidel is almost done to send it to print, a store from Pontevedra, called Bullitt wants to rebrand and redesign everything there, logo, walls, windows, bags, cards, everything…is a good challenge again.

WTF I have my board and my wetsuit here!! Chaos is me!

Yesterday i got a call from a friend, and she wants the concept and design for an albariño wine to export China, two kind of wines, “joven” and “gourmet”, i want to start this project right now!!
Two websites ( fashion ecommerce and a architecture design ) and some little logos and sketches before starting with my seminary in december at Elisava in Barcelona.
To end only say that my holidays are not over yet, last days of October some friends and family will be touring Florida, starting in miami and ending at The Fest, again… so…. I’m smiling!

Have a nice hot hot week!

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