Not only Music

The whole weekend was  like a sprint. First we had the visit of  Itxane from Coruña and told us all the trouble she had to return home after closing Spanair immediately. We also celebrate the mDonada birthday @  Salton III. Good times with friends and the entire Jose Atomizador adventures at LOCUTORIO.

Jose and Nuria from Isius at their homemade studio!

Jose “tremoleando”

Saturday was more intense. My friends from Isius invited me to record a song in their home studio. We recorded a song  written for me in the 90’s. Alfonso from Free Serena also worked very very well, recalling moments of that era. When we finish it i’ll post it. Sunday lunch at Los Huevos de Lucio good fried eggs with potatoes and then some games at the PS3 Just Dance.
Good monday!

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