Out of sight, out of mind!

Sure, it’s true. The same thing happens with my works. Right now i’m working with Holy Cuervo doing their new webpage ( it’s getting powerful ), with my friends Cova y Alvaro making their wedding invitations cards, with my friend Manolo waiting for the invitations printed, waiting for my first university class as a teacher, painting my piece of canvas for the “útimo verano” exhibition @ watdafac gallery, some jobs in mailbox, two songs unfinished, organize “special wedding”, helping friends with their stuff, Picapino is waiting for us..again, update my website and my hair is longer than ever and i gonna shave my beard. as you see, i’m busy, but happy.
OUOUOUOUAHHHAH! i think that i need going to the beach and try to break my nose with my board or something…this days are special high waves in Galicia… missin’ it !

Inspiration is always welcome.

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