Patience is for smart people

Almost 15 days without posting! I was very sick and worried about my health at least one week, but yesterday we received a suprise! Covalvaro’s Invitation done and “nikel“… Manolo’s wedding is next week and we go to Galicia, people is calling us and give us a big “well done” for their invitations too. Holy Cuervo website is about to run out to get online. Pure surfing tshirts are finally be manufactured and my university classes are on stand by till july. I was helping a big lawyers and procurators company with some keynote presentations and right now i’m doing the last cover from Isius. Tito from Akaestudio asked me for helping him with his project called “atlas” that is to build a wooden boat and the day of San Juan (June 23) going to Finisterre and rowing with it and then burn it. I’m helping with graphic themes and extreme Galician culture, haha

This is my life. Apologies one more time for the delay and i hope you like the “teaser invitations” that will be out coming soon in our new company webpage  PAPERRIOT. Skål for everybody.

Envelope and the invitation package

Detail of the invitation

Breakdown of all elements

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