Original Artwork

“We live in a harsh changing time, full of stress & we are dissatisfied with what is going on around us.
We seam not to find the strenght to change this, or to see the bright side of things. the fun, the positive…
we look for excuses to jusfify our behavior & apathy.
SMILE, tries to bring back the memories of our childhood, like, for example, when we where in school, and we did´t have problems to worry about, we didn´t think about our future and dreamed about being football players or astronauts.
Time has passed us by and now we are upset & troubled and we have lost the essence of childhood.
SMILE is a shout to make us remember who we are & what surrounds us. It´s kind of a positive warning to make us react against reality…but never forgetting our dreams, and to make us think that everything is much more simple than we think.
THE SEARCH OF HAPPINESS in inside of each one of us, we just need to be OURSELFS, and above all problems & difficulties, just smile.”

40 unique pieces of art, signed by the author. A price according to the times we live in!

40 posters A2 serigrafiados y numerados. Agotados



  • Screenprint
  • Photocopies
  • Graphic Design