Bandana Design

Bandana Design. Art is the start.

Waiting For The Sun has created one-of-a kind packaging with the objective to reduce waste while distributing modern, original artistic creations. It is a blank page we offer; it is a white wall we give to those artists we admire and whose artwork goes straight to our hearts.

The 2041 program is a partnership allowing artists and designers, in a renewable way, to invest in our brand by proposing a 2041 cm2 scarf to protect your glasses during transport and storage at the shop.
This scarf is our Arts Gallery, we’re proud of it and as all curators, we love to show an international renowed artist as much as an emergent one we trust in.

The /2041 scarf of your sunglasses is randomly added in the packaging and probably different than the photo of selected product.


  • Handlettering
  • Graphic Design
  • Collage