Put a beautiful silkscreened postal in your life

Yeah! It’s done.
Mar from bandagesloveblood and me though a lot of times to start a common project together making things that we love. Any kind of art | silkscreens | toys | books | clothing … Everything we can imagine is welcome in the TREEHAUSS UNUSUAL PROJECTS. A different concept to feel and share art. Just doing it because we’ll be happy making it. The only REQUIREMENT that we have to do is ENJOY and refresh our minds from daily stress.


Our first project is DAGGER COLOUR BLOOD , a homemade DIY idea formed by 13 silkscreend numbered and signed limited edition copies in A5 Special Paper in a mix of red black and yellow ink creating a similar colour to blood. Here is the making of.

If you want one copy just here and get a smile. 15 € + postage.
We will be online with more projects soon!. Keep making things!!


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