Start Over! and Countdown

It’s Monday and i’m tired! ( really?) what a mess!… One more time i’m expecting for a thousand million things. Past two weeks i was involve in a kind of angry-postraumatic-fear-hate-working status… but i’m charged and freshly galician air helped me a lot. My friends from Indo asked me to help them doing an e-shop webpage about jewerly and accesories…fancy and cool. I’m finishing some sketches and i guess that we start in less than a week.

This is not their style, but i like it

By the other way, Isius put out their new single “De Pijp” that i did, one more time, the cover… and as usual, one full-sized picture and textline and logo in the same way… listen them and buy their songs. I really like this band and i’m sure that you will … soon.

De Pijp cover

My hermanita and friend Molly Neuman is getting married this december!! Yeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaa. Alex and she asked Paperriot to design their wedding stuff so we are excited making this kind of stuff with friends. We are finishing the colours, style and some details … and talking about weddings, last weekend we were in Pontevedra city starting our wedding stuff too. Weather helped us and people and family are supporting us. This is like a bomb! a happiness bomb.

Sketching… more info is not allowed

To finish just to say that my painting “SAND”  from watdafac’s “El Último Verano antes del fin del mundo” exhibition is sold to my friend Pajarillo that he’s going crazy with his twitter and starting a new project that will be great and you have to follow. Stay tuned.

Sand y Ni (e) sta

y ala! después de una chapa bastante seria me voy al gymn a jukear las tapas “estilo gallego queparecenlapaelladelfairy”
happy monday

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