…and here we are again talking about my beloved Indonesia. I’ve only spent 15 days of my life there, but it has been an amazing and wonderful trip. I’ve met amazing people and I carry in my heart forever. Carlos, one person that I met is the founder of HARAPAN Project, an NGO dedicated to the creation of a school in Sumbawa among other things. Carlos, couple of weeks ago was in Madrid and we made an appointment for breakfast and talking about us. I volunteered to do a video documentary on the current situation there,  Sumbawa’s young people and their every day. I am very happy to collaborate on this kind of thing. A big hooray for this proposal. You can watch their first documentary here.

Carlos, a super coolest guy.

On the other hand, ISIUS last cover is done and will be online as soon as they can. A lot of people are still calling us to say “congratulations” for  COVALVARO’s invitations. We are very proud of our work and we will continue fighting for this.
Tomorrow morning we’ll going to see one of the bands that we loved in the world, Templeton, they are from Madrid and they play music that you can loving a stone, smooth and elegant as themselves. They will be playing on the DIA DE LA MUSICA fest in the morning early. come and join us!.  In Anchorless we are also happy because we are finishing our “GNSVLL IS SPECIAL” during the weekend. Many things to do, and all made with love and always smiling. Good weekend!

Templeton parten la pana colegui!

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