Summer Jobs

This Summer is being awesome! Lots of plans and things to do. I was in galicia a few days hanging out with all my homies. Really intense with a twist of beer… I miss Ons island with my friend “Pipo The Captain”.

Now i’m in The other side of Spain resting and getting some sunbeam to get red, not tanned, with my New friend Stivi. He is great and he loves using sunglasses. He is helping me a lot because, believe it or not, I had to work a lot these days. First of all with Fraga and Fidel poster (again) . Yeah ! It’s true . This documentary was selected for a film festival and I had to do some changes to make it better and a lot of “miniwoks” that made me crazy until 5 am. But I love it and i put all my strength to be constant and productive this days.

Today is my last day on holidays and I’ll be posting again from Madrid. Enjoy the summer. Enjoy the “Stivi”.





Love Stivi’s Life

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