Wedding Moments

Jimena Roquero is a madridian friend. She’s is happy and really f***ing professional. She takes the perfect moment in the perfect place at the perfect time. She is a superhero!. As many of you know. We are getting married next July and we gonna have the privilege of having Jimena taking pictures of us. We’re proud to announce that she will be doing this to us. She has a superintendent assistant called “la bala” that support her and help her a lot. If you are thinking in a photographer, not just for your wedding… call her… I give you my arm if you don’t like her.

As she said “Born and raised in Madrid, I’m the oldest daughter of a huge photo enthusiast. My father always had a camera in hand so I was probably the most photographed kid of the seventies. It’s no wonder as a teenager I rescued my father’s old Nikkormat and started to shoot on my own. And I grew to love it! It took me about ten years to consider myself an artist, though. In the process, I needed to go to college, start and quit a few careers and leave my country. Bah, no big deal. I also went to Photography School where I met some great photographers that made me understand the many ways photography can be approached. I’ve been passionate about the medium ever since. Enjoy!!” You can contact her at:

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